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Part #P2-04-483
Brand: kohler

Installation instructions
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Part (EA):  $62.99 Retail price:  $64.59
Shipping:  $4.49 Retail savings:  None
Total price:  $67.48
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Kohler Side Inlet Flush Valve Kohler # 84996 actual Kohler replacement

Installation Instructions

Step 1 : Turn Off Water.

Step 2:  Flush Toilet to remove water.

Step 3:  Lift Lid Lester says "Use a sponge or towel to remove any water from the bottom of the tank"

Step 4:  Identify the parts you are replacing and remove.

Step 5:  Replace part with your new part.

Step 6:  Turn on water and always check for leaks.  Lester says "check the angle stop valve later as they tend to leak after they have been turned off"




Kohler Original Equipment



Other Items

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Other Items: